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Tetra Plecomin Tablets 36g / 120 Tabs

Tetra Plecomin Tablets 36g / 120 Tabs

Tetra Pleco Tablets

  • Encourages natural feeding for plecostomus catfish and sucking loach.
  • Ensures each individual species get the required nutrients that they need and deserve.
  • Contains spirulina for health, colour and vitality.
  • Fast sinking food.

Tetra pleco tablets are designed for bottom algae feeding fish such as plecostomus catfish and sucking loach. The prmium food allows them to feed naturally to ensure that they get all the nutritional requirements.

The tub of 120 pleco tablets has been designed with a high content of spirulina to support health, colour and vitality. Tetra plecomin is a fast sinking food that can be placed exactly where needed. For best results the food can be dropped into the tank during the evening to encourage natural feeding times as would be in the wild. They can also be broken up and fed to other herbivorous tropical fish.


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