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Tetra Pleco Algae Wafers 150g

Tetra Pleco Algae Wafers 150g

Tetra Pleco Algae Wafers

  • Specially designed wafers for herbivorous bottom feeders in tropical aquariums.
  • Nutrient-rich main feed with algae concentrate.
  • Enriched Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Supports healthier immune system.
  • 100% vegetable based.

Tetra pleco algae wafers (formely multi wafers) are specifically designed for herbivorous bottom feeders. The 150g pouch of food offers a nutrient-rich main feed produced by the experts at Tetra as a result of years of commitment to quality and innovation.

These are made from algae concentrate and key nutrients. The 100% vegetable base facilitates easy digestion, tied in with plenty of roughage for species such as catfish. 


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