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Tetra Plantamin 100ml

Tetra Plantamin 100ml

Tetra Plantamin

  • Strengthens plants by guaranteeing a long-term effective nutrient supply.
  • Prevents sustained yellow, glassy leaves.
  • Prevents iron and potassium deficiencies.
  • For freshwater aquariums.
  • For intense red and green leaf colouration.

Tetra plantamin contains iron and essential trace elements like manganese and potassium. This aquatic plant fertilized provides aquatic plants with all essential minerals and nutrients. The product enables plants to stay strong, healthy and ever green. Lush leaf growth and colour is enhanced as chlorophyll production rises. It does not colour water and discourages algae growth because it lacks phosphate or nitrate. Apply 5ml per 10 litres after every partial water change, and 5ml per 20 litres monthly for re-fertilization. 


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