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Tetra Betta Food 27g / 100ml

Tetra Betta Food 27g / 100ml

Tetra Betta Food

  • Developed for Siamese fighting fish.
  • Colour enhancing.
  • Promotes long life.
  • Specially formulated food which will not cloud the water.
  • Reduces tank maintenance.

Tetra Betta flake food is the perfect food for a balanced and nutritional diet and has been specifically designed for siamese fighting fish. The colour-enhancing staple food has been developed using Procare benefits for optimum growth and development.

Tetra betta enhances general heath and promotes long life in Siamese fighting fish. The specially formulated food will not cloud the water, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of your aquarium for longer without the added concern of cleaning requirements after feeding time.


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