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Tetra AquaSafe Start 100ml

Tetra AquaSafe Start 100ml

Tetra AquaSafe Start 

  • For the safe introduction of fish to new aquariums.
  • Immediate activation of aquarium's biological activity.
  • Reduces dangerous ammonia and nitrite levels.
  • Helps to keep fish healthy.

Tetra SafeStart is a unique patented formula created by experts at Tetra to allow you as the hobbyist, the quick and safe introduction of new fish into your aquarium. The 100ml solution contains specially bred, living nitrifying bacteria that substantially reduce harmful ammonia and nitrite in tanks.

Tetra SafeStart is ideal for keeping fish healthy and maintaining biological activity following water changes, filter maintenance, power cuts etc. It can also be used to resolve problems with high ammonia or nitrite in both new and established aquariums.


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