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Reeflowers Salt American 1 Litre

Reeflowers Salt American 1 Litre

Reeflowers Salt American

  • Minerals to promote Breeding and Boost Colours.
  • South American Cichlids.
  • Natural Minerals.
  • Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre and 5.5 Litre Tubs.

Reeflowers Salt American contains all the minerals and trace elements that South American fish and Discus species need. In terms of mineral content, aquarium water is usually less than ideal for fish to live in compared to the water of their natural habitats. When living organisms cannot get the minerals necessary for their skeleton development then their reproductive and vital functions weaken, their development is slowed, their colours are dulled and their health deteriorates. 

Reeflowers Salt American provides the minerals and trace elements that fish need for healthy development and vivid colours. It helps promote natural habitat conditions, supports skeleton development and speeds up reproductive functions.

It can be used for all species of South American origin.


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