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Reeflowers Pure Potassium 500ml

Reeflowers Pure Potassium 500ml

Reeflowers Pure Potassium

  • Vivid Colours.
  • Prevents Loss of Tissue.
  • Extra Pure.
  • Available in 250ml and 500ml Bottles.

Reeflowers Pure Potassium is of high purity and contains a minimum of 500.000ppm of potassium per kilogram. Potassium is a key component of coral. It's deficiency dulls colours and causes tissue loss. The pigments that create the purple and blue colours found in some polyps are important for regulating neurological functions and are consumed by living organisms in aquariums. 

The Potassium concentration found in natural sea water is approximatley 400ppm. The value in the aquariums should be close to this.


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