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Reeflowers Pond Vamoss - RemAlgae 1 Litre

Reeflowers Pond Vamoss - RemAlgae 1 Litre

Reeflowers Pond Vamoss - RemAlgae

  • Not included copper and heavy metals.
  • Will not harm fish and plants.
  • Available in 500ml, 1 Litre and 3 Litre.

Reeflowers Pond Vamoss, helps remove unwanted moss from ponds containing fish and plants while also controlling algae growth. It does not contain any copper or heavy metal derivatives. This moss remover uses advanced technology that helps put an end to moss problems while preventing regrowth, without harming fish or plants.

It is highly effective on all types of moss, including green and brown moss, and gets results quickly with long lasting effects. It clears water that has been discoloured due to excessive algae formation and improves the quality of the water.


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