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Reeflowers Pond Safe - RemAmmonia 1 Litre

Reeflowers Pond Safe - RemAmmonia 1 Litre

Reeflowers Pond Safe - RemAmmonia

  • Improves Water Quality.
  • Removes Ammonia.
  • Reduces the Negative side affects of algae removers.
  • Stress Guard.
  • Available in 500ml, 1 Litre and 3 Litre Bottles.

The level of ammonia in water may rise in ponds due to overfeeding, power cuts, unnoticed equipment malfunction, mass fish deaths, decaying dead moss caused by remover use, or other reasons. Ammonia may cause severe injuries and even death to fish. "Reeflowers Pond Safe" rapidly removes the ammonia in water and acts as a protective tool for living organisms until the biological cleaning process is completed. 

It is used to clean the water after drug treatments, to help living organisms adapt to their pond after a new living organism is added, to reduce the risks of stress and to delay water-decay when moving living organisms. In addition to removing ammonia, the product also removes Chlorine, Chloramine and heavy metals.

Nitrate and nitrite formation decreases when ammonia is removed, allowing the water quality to improve. 

The product is not harmful to fish, marine plants, benigin bacteria colonies or micro-organisms. It is non-toxic.


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