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Reeflowers Enriched Kalkwasser - I 500ml

Reeflowers Enriched Kalkwasser - I 500ml

Reeflowers Enriched Kalkwasser

  • Increases the Rate of Coral Growth.
  • Clarifies Water.
  • Helps to fight Phosphate and Algae.
  • pH+.
  • Available in 500ml and 1 Litre Tubs.

Reeflowers Enriched Kalkwasser contains pure calcium hydroxide enriched with magnesium and strontium elements, which are crucial for skeletal formation, in a balanced ratio. It regulates kH and pH values. Kalkwasser helps to remove inorganic phosphate and heavy metals clarifying the water. Growth rates and feeding potential are increased, as is the formation of Coralline algae. Prevents problems caused by CO2 in aquariums using calcium reactors (pH drop).


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