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JBL ProFlora u403 CO₂ Fertiliser System

JBL ProFlora u403 CO₂ Fertiliser System

JBL ProFlora u403 CO₂ fertiliser system with 500 g disposable cylinder and pH control instrument

  • Complete system with: 500 g CO₂ cylinder, pressure reducer, pH control device, CO₂ diffuser JBL Taifun 190 mm, 2 metre CO₂ special hose, bubble counter with integrated check valve, KH test.
  • With pH control device (JBL pH Control), which automatically regulates the CO₂ supply and adjusts to the desired pH level selected (incl. calibration solution but without pH electrode!).

The pH electrode is not included in the set because with a longer storage time in the shop an ageing process of the electrode would occur. A newly produced electrode with adequate life time is only ensured when purchased separately!


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