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JBL NovoFex Tubifex Cubes 250ml

JBL NovoFex Tubifex Cubes 250ml

JBL NovoFex Tubifex Cubes (30g)

  • Supplementary food as treats for aquarium fish and turtles.
  • Freeze-dried tubifex cubes left in their natural state.
  • Higher protein concentration strengthens weakened fish.
  • Armoured catfish love to dig JBL NovoFex cubes out of the gravel (soak first, because the cubes normally float).
  • Vacuum production process preserves the valuable nutrients.

Tubifex are sewage worms which live in the ground in pipes of their own construction. Because of their high nutritional value they are a very well suited supplementary food for ornamental fish (and turtles). Freeze-dried food has some advantages over frozen food and live food: It can’t transmit diseases and no bacteria can develop inside it, which happens quite quickly with thawed frozen food!


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