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JBL GoldPearls Mini Sinking Food Pellets 56g

JBL GoldPearls Mini Sinking Food Pellets 56g

JBL GoldPearls Mini For Small Fantails And Other Goldfish Breeds (56g)

  • For young goldfish and fancy goldfish.
  • Size: 1-2 mm. Spirulina and carotenoids lead to brilliant colouring! Sinking food pellets prevent the problem of fish from taking in air at the water surface.
  • Also serves as a refill container for JBL NovoPearls mini Click.

Goldfish breeds tend to feed quite vigorously near the surface of the water. They often swallow air, which causes an unwanted buoyancy. The resulting upside-down effect and the strange swimming behaviour are thus not a result of illness but simply of their “problematic” feeding behaviour. JBL GoldPearls sink under water to prevent this swallowing of air in an easy but effective manner!


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