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JBL Ektol Cristal Tonic To Treat Stress 80g

JBL Ektol Cristal Tonic To Treat Stress 80g

JBL Ektol Cristal Tonic To Treat Stress (80g)

  • Oxygen releasing saline mixture which is effective in reducing stress in fresh water fish and supports the regeneration of mucous membranes. Is effective in assisting medicinal treatment against parasites in the mocous membrane.
  • Especially with livebearing fish the stability of the fish is supported by adjusting the salt content.

After adding JBL Ektol cristal® an osmotic effect starts, which leads to the release of the parasites: The higher salt content in the water results in the fish releasing water into the surrounding environment. The fish thus excrete mucus and release the parasites (e.g. Ichthyo), which are located in the mucous membrane, into the water. The parasites are then killed in the water by JBL Punktol plus *For information about risks and side-effects please read the pack insert and ask your veterinary surgeon or pharmacist.


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