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Fish Science Mini Algae Wafer 45g

Fish Science Mini Algae Wafer 45g

Fish Science Mini Algae Wafers

  • Sinking wafer for small algae eating fish. 
  • Natural formula with spirulina algae.
  • Feed 1-2 times per day on as much as your fish will consume in 20 minutes.

Fish Science mini algae wafers is a complete and nutritionally balanced diet for small Plecostomus and all algae eating fish. It recreates the natural algae based diet that Plecostomus would eat in the wild. Wafers dont dissolve to allow natural grazing behaviour. 

This food is a plant and algae rich formula containing spirulina algae, kelp, cucumber, alfalfa and spinach. It contains natural ingredients to support your fishes health including Beta Glucans, garlic and omega 3 oils.


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